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  • Waterproof Ultima Dryglove System Soft - Drysuits Accessories

Waterproof Ultima Dryglove System Soft - Drysuits Accessories

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A Simple & Safe Glove System Fits Directly to the Waterproof EX2 Drysuit

Waterproof Ultima Dryglove System Soft - Drysuits Accessories

Specially made for the Waterproof Soft Flex rings as used in the EX2 drysuit.

There are many different dry glove systems on the market and Waterproof has tested and analyzed them all to find the advantages and disadvantages of each system. They were looking for a way to improve a reasonable to well-existent system. Waterproof has taken into account a number of issues: The system must be easy to attach, it must be reliable, it must not be too massive and must fit within the existing Waterproof ISS system.

Waterproof has found a 20 year old patented system and looked for areas for improvement. Then they contacted the patent holder who was willing to listen to the ideas and work together to develop and produce a new and improved system. The result is the Ultima Dry Glove System. It fits directly into all * Waterproof dry suits that have integrated silicone seals (ISS system) but also on all other dry suits with solid latex seals. The dry gloves are easy to attach, you see, hear and feel that the ring clicks or loosens correctly.



  • Two glove rings that are attached to the dry gloves
  • Two dry suit rings that you fasten in your drysuit. These rings fit directly into all waterproof drysuits with the soft flex ring system
  • Two O-rings that you need to attach the dry glove to the glove ring
  • Two silicone covers that protect the system and hold it neatly in place
  • Two tubes to prevent squeeze, silicone grease and a special tool
  • Gloves and silicone seals are not included.
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