DPV's or Scooters at Divestock.  

To be able to swim around and discover the fascinating details of a deep reef with lots of underwater caves or to explore the different areas of a long lost ship resting as a wreck at the bottom of the sea is something you have dreamed of for years. A perfectly designed DPV scooter can offer you the help you need to get down and move around smoothly while your pulse is beating fast. The DPV´s sold here at DiveStock vary in weight and performance. Depending on what your planned challenge is, you can find a scooter here that will bring your diving to the next level!

Enjoy the underwater landscape with all it has in store for you. With a run time of 70-90 minutes and a weight of approximately 17 kilos, several of our DPV scooters will ensure that you get all you dreamed of out of your shipwreck or reef adventure. Get ready to explore!

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