Dive Books

Dive Books

The actual experience of scuba diving is of course what attracts you most. If you are new to the sport, you may want to read some interesting and informative literature on the topic of scuba diving. Even if you have been diving for some time and feel like knowing more about the sport you dedicate yourself to, Divestock will have some interesting literature available for you too.

In our books section we have titles from several authors who know most of what there is to know about scuba. They tell vivid stories from beneath the surface that will make you feel like you´re almost there. Written in a personal style, these books will guide you to some of the world´s most exciting diving sites, shipwrecks and reefs, and also tell you true stories of what it is like to have zero visibility or how small and fragile we humans really are when visiting the mysterious underwater world. Buy a book today and prepare for your diving career!

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