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  • Xstream Deep 1.stage G5/8

Poseidon 1st Stage Xstream Deep G5/8" First Stage Regulator

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Separate Xstream Deep G5/8" 1:st Stage

Poseidon 1st Stage Xstream Deep G5/8" First Stage Regulator

This is the regulator of choice for any demanding divers that dive with Air, Tri-Mix, 100% Oxygen and Nitrox and want a regulator that can do it out of the box. Regulator is even certified for 95% Helium mixes. Outstanding performance and certified to 656' (200 meters)! The first stage is a balanced rolling diaphragm ball valve design producing extreme leak tightness. Conventional designs are sensitive to war, misalignment, and manufacturing precision. A ball valve always finds its correct place. The 1st stage construction requires less O-rings than any other regulator. The hose routing is developed to be optimized for a redundant system, using two-regulators. The HP ports are positioned to accommodate the use of gas monitoring computers e.g. first stage mounted HP sender/receive unit. 

The 1st stage has a built-in Poseidon T.D.A, Thermo-Dynamic Anti-Freeze, which requires no maintenance. It is always there, doing the job. It is thermodynamically-protecting the parts which must not freeze. It is identified by the large slots in the cover, allowing the heat energy of the water to reach the spring. The Cold from the inside is consequently insulated from the spring, via an insulation barrier and insulating diaphragm. It is constructed without compromise to any detail to prevent cold reaching the sensitive area. Using Poseidon T.D.A, a regulator can free-flow air in fresh water of 32ºF (0ºC) for at least 10 minutes and afterwards still be completely unaffected. The 1st stage regulator is manufactured from chrome plated brass.



  • Poseidon 1st Stage Xstream Deep G5/8"
  • Balanced Rolling Diaphragm Ball Valve Design
  • Extreme Leak Tightness
  • Less O-Rings than Any-Other Regulator
  • Optimized Hose Routing Configuration
  • HP Ports Positioned to Accommodate Gas Monitoring Computers: Transmitters
  • Built-In Poseidon Thermo-Dynamic Anti-Freeze (T.D.A.)
  • T.D.A: Thermodynamically-Protecting Parts which Must-Not-Freeze
  • 2 HP and 5 LP Ports
  • Chrome Plated Brass Construction
  • Designed for Air, Nitrox, 100% Oxygen or TRIMIX Out of the Box"
  • Approved to EN250 Cold Water Standard
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SKU 0110-000
Manufacturer Poseidon
Product Type Regulator-First Stage