Halcyon Pathfinder 800 (244m) Reel

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Pathfinder-800 holds 800 feet (243.8 m) of #24 nylon line

Pathfinder-800 holds 800 feet (243.8 m) of #24 nylon line

Halcyon's Defender® spools and Pathfinder® reels are made to the most strenuous of standards, making certain that function is trouble free of charge in all applications. These devices are the result of lots of lots of hours of leisure, technological, and cave scuba diving and have consistently proven their reliability and superior layout in a few of the most extreme environments the undersea world needs to offer.

The Pathfinder® series of line reels delights the requiring demands of expedition and the everyday requirements of all divers with its performance-minded attributes. Pathfinder reels make use of a completely ambidextrous design that enables the individual to conveniently attract the tip with either hand, or to easily switch over hands throughout implementation.

The spools made use of in the Pathfinder reel is now all black (unlike several of those highlighted above ...) and no longer one-piece. The one-of-a-kind side take care of is machined from a solid piece of light weight aluminum and matches closely to the spool, restricting entanglement yet permitting simple access to the other 3 sides. The take care of is hard-coated for longevity. All lockdown screws and winding handles are solidly affixed, virtually doing away with the danger of damage.

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Manufacturer Halcyon
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