Freediving Fins

Freediving Fins

If your life is all about freediving and you allow yourself to feel a little extra excited every time you extend your feet by putting on a pair of rubber fins, you are obviously dedicated to your sport! You see the beauty in a pair of camouflage patterned stereo fins and the Seac Subs bright blue sprint fins make you feel like you´re in paradise.

Divestock offers paradise for people like you. In our fins department you will find a range of almost a hundred different fin types. Design, usability and shape differ, and you may find it difficult to choose a favourite. Luckily, you don´t have to. The prices vary too and you can easily motivate several purchases by telling outsiders that your sport requires different fins for different diving conditions. After all, it does. Different shape or technical features are designed to suit a specific type of snorkelling or swimming. And who says you don´t need a green pair just because you have already got a pair of yellow ones?!

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