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Books & DVDs

“Freediving Techniques” is not only the name of one of the books offered by DiveStock, but it also describes exactly what can be learned from it. The inspiring cover with pictures from what appears to be a great diving event will make you want to read this book instantly. To make it even better, it comes with an instructive DVD.

The DVD "Freediving Techniques" includes, among other things, valuable information on diving related matters like dynamic apnea, constant weight and free immersion. Do not miss this great opportunity to have the women's reigning world record holder Natalia Molchanova's freediving techniques generously taught to you. Another option for learning more about freediving is the 72 minutes long DVD from Cressi Stefano Bellani. It is in Italian but subtitled in English, Spanish and French as well as in Italian. Having read and watched this material about freediving, you will be well prepared when you finally hit the surface.

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